Billet Steel


Billet steel is one of the most ordered steel products by our dear customers, that is due to its big range of applications that’s used for.

Our steel Manufacture is ready to serve its customers to provide them with any amount they need from billet steel.

Steel billets are the second-stage product of steel production. They are hot-rolled and are taken out directly during casting process of steel.

They are highly ductile and soft and produced in a square cross-section of area less than 36 sq.inches (230 sq. cm).

They fall under the category of semi-finished casting products.

Their final products involve bars, rods, tubes, pipes, wire and wire products.

There is a large demand for the billet steel now a days, as many companies now a days use it for many developing and building application in the practical life.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION – BILLET STEEL SABIC manufactures steel billets in accordance with international standards to provide steel products that meet specific customer requirements
Billet Size (mm) C Si Mn P S
130 x 130 0.40 0.45 1.50 0.05 0.05
150 x 150 0.93 0.60 1.50 0.05 0.05
Length Section Tolerance Corner Radius Rhomboidity Twist Straightness
12-14 m ± 50 mm ±3 mm 4 mm 10 mm 0.5 degrees/m 5mm/m
Other chemical compositions are possible, Please contact our Sales and Marketing for details


Commodity : Billet Steel hot drawn
Origin : Saudi Arabia
Product : Billet Steel hot drawn – See attached Technical specification 
Size : See attached Technical specification
Delivery per Month : Based on buyers request
Packing : Break bulk or Container
Destination Ports : Asian- Middle East- African- European- American
Inspection : Loading port by SGS or other reputed agency by Sellers expense.
Discharge port : SGS or other reputed agency by buyers expense .
Terms of delivery : CIF All Asian – Middle East – European – American Ports

Price Offer – CIF :
    200.000 MT + Contract = ‘On Request’ / per MT CIF Ports
    300.000 MT + Contract = ‘On Request’ / per MT CIF Ports
    400.000 MT + Contract = ‘On Request’ / per MT CIF Ports
    500.000 MT + Contract = ‘On Request’ / per MT CIF Ports
    700.000 MT + Contract = ‘On Request’ / per MT CIF Ports
    900.000 MT + Contract = ‘On Request’ / per MT CIF Ports
1.000.000 MT + Contract = ‘On Request’ / per MT CIF Ports

Payment & Transaction terms:

1. Buyer sends official LOI to Baghlaf Steel
2. Baghlaf Steel responds with official FCO
3. Buyer counter signs FCO for acceptance of the Conditions & Terms and send together with Company Certificate to Seller.
4. Seller issues Sales & purchase Agreement ( SPA ) open for amendment and review for buyer review together with Technical details of Commodity ( Annex A ) / Plan of total shipments delivery ( Annex B – Provided by Buyer ) Technical Specification signed and sealed (Annex C ) Commitment letter of Product Quantity & Quality Availability & Supply Commitment signed and sealed ( Annex D ) .
5. Buyer review (SPA), sign and returns a soft copy to the seller.
6. Seller final review (SPA) if any amendments necessary and issues Official Commercial
Invoice and send both to buyer within 3 banking days final signed and sealed.
7. Buyer initiates the draft letter of 20%from the total contract value based on an MT700 LC at Sight , Confirmed, Revolving and irrevocable LC with full guarantee from the buyer’s bank for the total contract value for the seller’s bank to review and confirm.
8. Seller finalized the LC draft review and are ready to obtain the above said LC.
9. The buyer bank should record to activate the above said LC within 14 days after the issuing of the Commercial Invoice ( Step 6 above ) and release the Letter of Credit (LC) to the bank or financial institution for issuance by above said LC. Buyers bank issues the LC MT700 with a minimum total contract value coverage of 20% , MT700 Confirmed, Irrevocable, revolving LC to sellers financial bank. ( 20% of total MT Contract value x “MT unit price “ USD = ……………,- USD )
10. Seller issues a Performance Bond Guarantee of 20% of the total contract value as performance bond bank guarantee as PBG to the buyer’s account bank against the LC.
11. Seller within ten (10) business days comply and execute the processes of registering purchase order.
12. Shipment starts


POP & Sight inspection will be submitted and exchanged ;

” Only and After an official MT700 Swift request from Buyer’s bank to our Seller’s bank has been send” . Any additional documentation will only be exchanged through the secured Bank channels and only through MT700 or MT705 Swift enquiry – BCL /MT199 / MT799 or other similars as Proof of fund or as Swift exchange are not Accepted .